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Raquel Minako

She is an educator, therapist, mother of 4 and facilitator of empowerment courses and retreats. Raquel has been researching the expansion of consciousness through the presence of the body in movement, relationships, communication, sexuality and self-knowledge since 2010.

A great passion of hers is individual empowerment. A leader and inspirational, Raquel has a unique blend of compassion with a “samurai sword” of assertiveness and raw honesty.

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Marcos Bina

Tantric therapist and conscious sexuality

The main tool Marcos Bina uses at his individual sessions, workshops and retreats is LOVE. Through loving and compassionate guidance he will lead you to connect back to your body and to feel your emotions again.

As a gay man, now moving into fluidity, sexuality was always a focus in Marcos’s personal and professional studies. Since 2020 Marcos participated in, worked, and led several works related to tantra and conscious sexuality in Brazil and abroad (Sexsibility Sweden, Tantric Joy Festival at Amsterdam, Awaken Heart at Poland, IntiMate Retreat for Men at Denmark, etc).

One of his purposes in life is to help men to reconnect with their emotions so, since 2021, Marcos  has been leading workshops, courses and retreats for men. More than 1000  men who want to live a healthy masculinity have already attended to his works.

Marcos Bina is a graduated therapist at Tantra, ThetaHealing, Feldenkrais, and Quantum Being besides being an Engineer and Administrator.

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“Love is the way not a destination”

Madame duBa

bdsm and orgasmic hypnosis

An unique fusion of professional experience, spirituality and an innovative approach to conscious sexuality and BDSM. With a solid background in hospitality, She forged a successful path at Walt Disney World and Royal Caribbean International, before embarking on a deeper search for meaning.

The call to spirituality led her to become a holistic therapist, exploring practices such as reiki, radionic tables, Thetahealing and quantum healing. With mastery in clinical and erotic hypnosis, she stands out as a reference in BDSM, teaching innovative workshops that challenge conventional boundaries.

Not just an expert, but a captivating speaker, duBá is an exceptional speaker, delivering messages of love, empowerment and transformation. Furthermore, she shines as a prominent member of Love Cabaret, being the professional with the greatest interaction with the public in the “house of all bodies”.

Her biography is an invitation to a journey of discovery, acceptance and celebration of life in its fullness. Come be enchanted and inspired by Madame duBa, a passionate mentor and guide in search of true connection and transformation.


“Vivir con miedo es como vivir a medias”
Bonita Gutierrez

Preta Kiran


Afro-indigenous woman, orixá’s daughter and born in Salvador-Bahia.

Dance artist, yoga student. Facilitator of pleasurable experiences and somatic sexual educator.

Lorenzo Stiernquist

Sexsibility Coach, Tantra and Consent facilitator

Lorenzo Stiernquist from Stockholm, Sweden is a tantra teacher, Consent facilitator (the Wheel of Consent, the Somatic Consent), Sexsibility coach and the founder of the Sexsibility coach training and the Sexsibility festival.

In his work he focuses on consent, sexuality, intimacy, spirituality, pleasure and healing. He offers trainings, workshops, individual sessions, coaching and massage.

Dana Reina Téllez

Dana is a Latin artist, a body of indigenous culture, works with sexuality, and is a sacred activist dedicated to imagination as embodied social justice.

She is committed to following the sweet and tender rhythm of decolonial queer life-making, she is dedicated to weaving the thread between us and all life, to hail pleasure as our powerful birthright.

Devoted to weaving the thread between us and all of life to greet pleasure as our mighty birthright.



Lovelight is an artist-therapist specializing in PhotoTherapy with a transpersonal psychology approach, independent porn-activist and Consent Lab facilitator in training.

Founder of Orgasticah, which promotes queer community, culture and sexuality, they have a 20-year background as educator in Brazil and international communities including USA, Japan, Europe and Australia, where they graduated in Media and Communication at RMIT University.

Non-binary mom, pansexual and polyamorous, they are moved by the passion of creating transdisciplinary integrative experiences that cultivate self-development focused on our relationships to image, affection and pleasure.


Beatriz Tostta

Body-Mind-Heart Connection

Beatriz has a gentle, affectionate, creative and body-based approach.

She facilitates experiences for those who seek to love themselves more, and to align body, mind and heart. She has been researching self-knowledge for 4 years, having trained as a facilitator of ‘decision-making processes’, and a practitioner of ‘Deep Listening of Emotions’ (Quantum Being).

Embodied practices such as dance and massage, as well as tools for self-expression and listening are part of her practice, which is based on theoretical and practical studies on anthroposophy, dance-movement-therapy, NVC, feminism and sexuality.

Alessandra Beer

Self knowledge, Art & Authenticity

Alessandra is a nomad, storyteller, character creator, poet, and traveler of fantastic and fascinating universes.

Since 2016, she has been exploring the various paths of self-knowledge – from the most rational and pragmatic to the most subtle and playful, to manifest her true essence in the world.

Along the way, she acquired tools such as functional mindfulness, yoga dance, and somatic consent, among others, which she now uses to facilitate workshops and experiences with the goal of helping others live life in a lighter and more authentic way.

It was in this exploration that she created the practice of Freedom Flow.
She also produces events such as Sexsibility, with the purpose of bringing more awareness to important matters in life that are often distorted, ignored, or forgotten. It was with that same focus that she founded WE.Concious Events, which brought to Florianópolis in 2022 the incredible party of conscious sexuality: The Play Party “Aristocracy of Desires”.



Alice Lamuse

somatic consent, bdsm and playroom facilitator

Alice Lamuse is a Somatic Consent Ambassador in Brazil. Her research deepens themes such as Sexuality, Power Dynamics and Consent.

Alice seeks to authentically share her own personal experiences by facilitating 1:1 sessions, group workshops, and organizing SexPositive events such as Sexsibility.

Her purpose is to support the expansion of positive sexuality in Brazil and in the world, especially through Somatic Consent work.

Jaya Devi

Conscious Sexuality and Somatic Sexual Education

Jaya are dedicated to training people who will work with Conscious Sexuality with the aim of facilitating the development and adjustment of authentic sexuality and the encounter with the joy of living.

Postgraduate student in Human Sexuality at Faculdade Santa Casa de Belo Horizonte. Somatic sex educator at the Latin American Institute of Somatic Sexology (2019). Neotântric Therapist at Humaniversity School (2013) and Centro Metamorfose (2012). Practitioner and studant of non-dual Shaiva Tantra, with PhD Christopher Wallis as her main mentor. Co-creator of the 5 Elements Neotantric Massage and creator of the Conscious Sexuality methodology, a vision of holistic and somatic learning about sexuality.

Sah Vaz

revolutionary spirituality

Sah is a physical therapist, acupuncturist and dancer. Through practice as a therapist, they has developed an approach to integrating body, mind, health, spirituality and sexuality.

They has a broad background in dance, somatic education, health, tantra, self-awareness and sacred sexuality.

Being a medium since they was a child, they has developed ways to enter ecstasy through their daily activities that include their sexual expression.

Their courses are the integration of this practical knowledge with the theoretical contribution of tantra and non-dual spirituality.

Rope Phoenix


Ana Paula Stock, known as Rope Phoenix in the world of Shibari and BDSM, is a body therapist specialized in Lomi Lomi (massage of Hawaiian culture). She has been applying Lomi Lomi’s philosophy and quality of connection to her rope practices since 1917. She is an educator, rigger and model, and does performances and private sessions.

In 2019, founded Wabi Sabi, the shibari group in Rio de Janeiro, director of EntreCordas, Atados no Parque, and numerous artistic productions.

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"The worlds best place is here and now." Gilberto Gil

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