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A short background with Lorenzo, Founder of Sexsibility
To understand what the Sexsibility Festival is you need to know a little bit about the background. I had created and started the Sexsibility coach training in 2008 and the festival was born as a natural outgrowth of that training. It was a way for me to present the Sexsibility coaches, to market their upcoming workshops and the next training.

The training has 12 modules (four days on each module) spread over fifteen months. Each module has different guest teachers because I didn’t want it to be a “Lorenzo training” or a Tantra training. Neither a training about how to copy other teachers. I wanted a training that was broad and where you could explore sexuality from different perspectives.

Although Tantra became a major part of the training because I’m a Tantra teacher and I am interested in both the “traditional” Tantra and “neo-tantra”, the training was also created with inspiration from contemporary sex-positive teachers, Taoism, Shamanism, Paganism, BDSM, Sacred Sexuality, sexual healing and much more.  

The guest teachers are working in different ways, but all of them are working towards the same goal: to spread more love and create a better world.  

I needed a name for the training and I came up with the word “Sexsibility”, which stands for having sex with sensibility. A sexuality focusing on intimacy, presence, awareness, consent, responsiveness, empowerment and devotion. A sexuality where all our parts can be included – our animal power, our human vulnerability and our spiritual light.

So, when I created the festival I simply invited the Sexsibility coaches, the teachers from the training and some new facilitators. I also wanted the festival to be a gathering where we can celebrate life, love and sexuality. To have a good time together, eat good food and enjoy the summer. So I also added music, dance, party, Qigong, yoga and good healthy food. And that is how the Sexsibility Festival became the way it is.

After many years, we now have some experience in creating an amazing festival. A festival where you can explore conscious sexuality and intimacy and at the same time feel safe while doing so.

You are warmly welcomed to join us.

(Founder and Program Coordinator)

Here are some examples of workshops that have been at the Sexsibility festivals:

Quantum Being Initiation Ron and Raquel
Somatic Consent – Matt Schwenteck

Sexual and trauma healing – Lamhita Jacobson
Inner symbols of pleasure – Lulu Lovelight

Love your pussy – Jennie Rehbinder
Tantra: Pleasure and healing – Lorenzo Stiernquist
The Wheel of Consent – Betty Martin 
Tantric Massage Workshop – Petra Blomqvist
Body Painting – Calle Rehbinder
Energetic love making – Li Tadaa
Tantra Not Trauma  – Matt Schwenteck
Awaken Your G-spot  – Deborah Sundahl

Intimacy and Ecstasy – Rupert James Alison 

★ Deep Union – Smrati Skog
Sacred squirting – Christine Borch
Conscious kink for beginners – Ruby May
Shadow tantra puja ritual – Seani Love

Bondage and Shibari – Andy Buru
★ Sacred Lovers  – Robyn Dalzen
★ Embodied Intimacy – Buster Rådvik 

★ Belly2Belly – Rachel Rickards 

Orgasm Ceremony – Pia Struck

Sex Magic – Felix Ruckert 

Shamanic Sexual Wisdom – Åsa Kullberg

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