Here is an example of how are the days during the festival:
– 7.00 Morning Exercise – for example, Yoga, Active Meditation
– 8.00-9.00 Breakfast
– 9.30 Morning Gathering (with live music and different ways to connect)
– 10.45 Workshop – for example, consent, shibari, breathwork, trantra, BDSM
– 13.00 Lunch
– 15.00 Sharing with your sharing group (4-5 people)
– 16.00 Workshop – for example, conscious sexuality, massage, cuddle space
– 19.00 Dinner – More of this healthy and tasty food
– 20.30 Workshops– for example, sexual ecstasy, ecstatic dance, kink,
or Relax or Socializing or go to the Playroom

Sexsibility • Tantra• Consent • BDSM

playfulness, spiritual and emotional healing, yoga, meditations, body painting.

Workshops will be held by teachers from Brazil, but also by international teachers from different countries.

hang out in the café, get a massage, talk to a friend, relax in the naked area, hug someone, or indulge in eye gazing. It’s amazing to just be at SEXSIBILITY and hang out with amazing people.

daily sharing groups • emotional support team • alcohol and drug-free event • focus on consent and respecting others boundaries

the program

Besides the name and description of the workshop, key words, maximum number of participants, workshop leader’s name and if you need to bring anything to the practice, we use a system of chili peppers so people can understand the level of sexual and/or intimate interactions. In other words: how hot can the workshop get? 🌶️

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